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Reading at Home




As parents, YOU are your child's first and most important teacher. You make a HUGE difference when it comes to helping your child on his/her journey to become a life-long reader. Here are some ideas to help make this experience a positive one at home.


  • Set aside time every day to read with or listen to your child read.
  • What is your child interested in? Encourage him/her to read books on those subjects.
  • Make reading a daily part of life - read road signs, cereal boxes, recipes, directions, etc. out loud.
  • Make reading fun and interactive - use voices for the characters, ask your child his/her opinion about what they are reading.
  • Ask older children to help younger children with reading. This is a win-win for everyone!
  • Visit the library or the bookstore as a family.
  • Set an example. If your child sees you reading and enjoying it, he/she will do the same!