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Art Class Assignements for the week of 

March 16, 17, 18


Seventh grade

Research the landscape paintings of Vincent Van Gogh, the premier post-impressionist painter.

Please take note as to the style in which Mr. Van gogh painted.  Bold colors and simple landscapes and an impasto technique all are characteristics of a Van Gogh.

On your surface using the "Fresh Paint" app, create a landscape in the style of Mr. Van Gogh, please remember to use the "fan" tool at the bottom to "dry" your painting when you get to a place that no more blending is required.

Please save your image and share with me at


Fifth grade

This weeks positivity project would have covered the topic of "love of learning".  Please create your own "symbol" about that topic.   Please do an original drawing and color of your choice.  Please do not include the words "love of learning''.  Let your picture tell the story.  If possible have someone take a picture and email it to me at the above email.  Have Fun


Fourth grade

Create your own faux (fake) stained glass.  During the lental season we will be discussing the beauty of stained glass windows. Please think of the lovely windows we have in church, then create one simple object in that style.  Perhaps you would like to do a drawing of a dog for example and then see if you could use thin lines to be like the different pieces of glass.  Perhaps if you have scraps of different colored paper available (please do buy anything) create a sectioned dog.


Third grade

Getting ready for the rainforest!!  Please watch "how to draw a sloth" by Harriet Muller on youtube .  Remember to "sketch it light to you get it right!"  Draw along and save them to show me please.



Second grade

Draw your favorite animal, then give him to "super powers".  Draw him and add color.


First grade

Think of an imaginary journey you would like to go on.  Draw one picture that describes your journey.  



Happy Saint Patricks Day  Draw yourself as a leprechaun.  Remember to include something that is uniquely you.  



Art Assignment for 

March 19, 20



Seventh Grade

Now that you have had a moment to explore the work of Vincent Van Gogh, please write a short essay comparing and contrasting the impressionist movement in art to the post impressionist movement.  Please define the styles of paintings in each movement and site characteristics and or techniques.  Please also include names of artists, years and places. This essay should be at least 3 paragraphs long.  


Please forward to  


Art Assignments for 

March 23, 24, 25



Seventh Grade  Download Googles Arts and Culture app.  Virtural Museum and art tours Take a virtural tour of Vermeers work.  Write 2 paragraphs on your expressions of his work.


Fifth Grade Test your drawing ability at


Fourth Grade Have some drawing fun at 


Third Grade and Second grade  Imagine someone gave you three magic beans,  draw what they may grow.  For example a plant that grows cupcakes!!!


First Grade  Draw Peter or Patricia Cottontail


Kindergarten  You have been given a magic egg, draw whats inside!!!!


please submit all to   thank you and keep well



Art Assignments for

March 26,27



Seventh Grade -  Please complete above and forward to me via email.  



Art Assignments for

March 30, 31, 

April 1


Seventh grade   Please see attached video and forward a picture of completed sketch to me.  Please save your sketch as we will be using it in another video.


Fifth Grade   Please view attached video and forward a picture of your completed work.  Can't wait to see. 



 Fourth grade Please view attached video and forward a picture of your completed work.  Thank you  or 

 Third Grade please view  and  thank you and please send me a picture


Second Grade please view   Enjoy !!!


First Grade   Please view   Please send me a picture !!


Kindergarten please view  Maybe you'll have an Unidentified Learning Opportunity (ULO)!!!  (although I think I said experience in the video instead!  Sorry

Have a beautiful Day  May God hold you and your families in the palm of his hands.

My e mail is or 



Art Assignments for

April 2, 3

Seventh Grade - Please see the attached videos please complete parts 2 and 3   Please send me a pic!  Have a great weekend. 



Art assignments for 

April 6, 7, 8

Seventh Grade Please take this week to complete posted assignments.

Fifth, Fourth, Second, First and K  please view 

A very big THANK YOU to all the moms, dads, grandmoms, grandpas who have been doing double duty to help our students.

Third Grade a quick 5 minutes to shade the cross. Please view