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In order to attend to your requests related to technology you MUST create a ticket. Please don’t assume that sending me an email, calling my extension or the main office or leaving a voicemail is sufficient. You can contact me if necessary to remind me or let me know about the urgency of your request but a ticket has to be in the system so I can keep track or follow up if needed. Obviously in case of an emergency or a situation that affects multiple users, you can always contact me directly.


Also, keep in mind that I am not here every day. Below is my permanent schedule, but in case I need to make changes due to personal emergencies I will always notify in advance.



Creating a ticket


  1. Go to our school website.
  2. Under quick links, click on “Computer Request Form” to visit the Golden Door ticketing system.
  3. On the top left corner, click on “New support ticket” fill out the form and submit.
  4. Note, there are instructions on how to create a ticket near the copiers.


In case you need to contact me


  1. A ticket MUST be already submitted.
  2. Always refer to the ticket number that you received from the email acknowledging you submitted your ticket.