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Classroom Dojo


I wanted to tell you all about our online classroom management system called Class Dojo! Our classroom uses a Power Scale Clip Chart where students may “power up” for positive behavior and “power down” for negative behavior. Each colored section of our power scale is worth a certain amount of points. Please see below for point amounts. For example, a student who ends the day on green will earn one point.





Students can also earn additional points based on their behavior throughout the day and cash them in for classroom prizes! I keep track of all these points on Classroom Dojo and I welcome you to make an account to see your child’s progress.


Class Dojo has so many features that I know you will love! The “Messages” feature makes parent and teacher communication simple and easy. There is also a “Class Story” feature that allows me to post pictures and videos during the school day to keep you updated with what is happening in our classroom!


To Join

1. Visit or download the phone app.

2. Enter class code: PCAT7XEZB

3. Watch your child's progress :)














Class Dojo Messenger

Enter Class Code- PCAT7XEZB