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***Please check your child's binder every night***

- Initial your child's behavior chart

Check for any important notes 

- Remove "Keep at Home" papers

- Assist your child with their homework



***You can pay online***

- The following link will take you directly to Juban Parc Elementary OSP where you can pay all fees online. 

- If you do not pay online: 

     - Checks must have TWO phone numbers.

     - Please put all money or checks in a elvelope with your childs name on it. 




***Graded Papers***


- Graded papers that were scored as Unsatisfactory (67% or lower) must be signed and returned to school.

All other graded papers may be kept at home.




Kindergarten Grading Scale


E - Excellent:  94 -100


S - Satisfactory:  80 -93


NI - Needs Improvement:  68 -79


U - Unsatisfactory:  0 – 67