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Hello students, parents, and guardians!


Please be aware that due to the Corona Virus outbreak, the school is closed Friday, March 13th 2020.  The schools are being closed for deep cleaning.


****In the event of a school shut down because of this outbreak:  There will be further directions coming from classroom teachers.  There will be a work packet sent home that will contain what the students will be focusing on during the time that school is closed.


It will be worksheets that will be supplemented by things on classroom teachers' google classroom accounts.  These links will be present on all of their webpages which I will link below for the 6th grade.

||  Ms. DePasquale  ||  Mrs. Lentini  ||  Mrs. Leone  ||  Mrs. Valdez ||


For those students with IEPs that I specifically work with, I will be making modifications such as reading things out loud as support.  They will also be able to ask me any questions using their google email accounts at


Stay healthy and safe.