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Welcome back George Washington students and family members! 


My name is Kimberly Simuro, your child's 6th grade Special Education/Inclusion teacher for the 2018 - 2019 school year.  This website will be your guide to daily and weekly homework assignments, as well as upcoming tests, quizzes, and projects for my students to access and ensure all work will be completed and submitted on the due dates provided.  Please be sure to check this page often for any changes or updates so that we can all have a successful and enjoyable school year!


As a firm believer in open communication with both students and family members, please use my contact information that is provided to keep in touch and check in with any questions or concerns!  


Looking forward to a successful and enjoyable school year!


George Washington Elementary School


Special Education Teacher, 6th Grade


908-352-7664 Ext. 7400