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Welcome to Mr. Gillespie's 8th Grade Pre-Algebra class 

I look forward to working with you all this year in math.  We are going to have a great year!


Please review the Code of Conduct in the agenda's of the students or with the link below to see the expected conduct of students at Three Oaks Middle School


Code of Conduct:




  • Math Classroom Day:

When students come in the door they will start on bellwork as I  go around and check for homework assignments.   Bellwork and other assignments will usually be found on Google Classroom.   If students do not do homework I will make a note of it in their agendas, so parents be looking daily at their agendas.  Once I check the homework, we will then go through and review homework/questions .  After checking homework we then move into the lesson for the day and take notes in their composition book   Following instruction, the students will then practice both with others and independently so that they are seeing examples in class that they will see in the homework.  Sometimes we may do a class activity to reinforce the new concepts.  Students will be assigned homework every night relating to the lesson that day.


With the implementation of the Chromebook students will have online access to the textbook and can use more resources at home and in the classroom.  Students may also have assignments/worksheets from Google Classroom to complete at home.


  • Syllabus/Class Information:

Please click on the link on the side to find the syllabus.  This is also going to be located on my Google Classroom.  Students should accessing Google Classroom on a daily basis.

(keep looking back as more information becomes available to update)


  • Parents:

I want to take this opportunity to let you know that I am here if you ever need to contact me for any reason.  I enjoy being able to work with the parents to reinforce the math at home.   Please be checking the website for assignments and information.  Also, make sure that you are checking the agendas weekly.  I have them copy down the assignments for the week here.  If they ever miss a homework assignment, I will make a note of it in the agenda.  In addition, focus/parentlink should keep you up to date with your child's grade. If you have any further questions about your son or daughter please don’t hesitate to contact me. 


**  Tutoring is available free of charge after school until 5:15.   If your child is struggling, please take this opportunity into consideration. If requested I will be able to spend some time with them after school to help them understand lessons if they need more time with them.



Phone: (239) 537-2184


Thank you!  I look forward to a great year!


Mr. Ryan Gillespie