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Hello All, 


Happy Ronacation. Be safe, wash your hands and be mindful but, don't panic. We will be conducting class a little differently for the foreseeable future. This will be your source of information and resources. we will continue to move forward on our Summit platform, but now we will function like a college independent study course. You will have deadlines for assignments and resources to help you complete those assignments. I will be conducting virtual classroom office hours for any question that may arise or help with any assignments.


Please do not assume you can just wait until we are back in school and play catch up. WE DO NOT KNOW WHEN WE WILL BE BACK, MARKING PERIODS COULD END BEFORE WE ARE BACK AND YOUR GRADES WILL BE SUBMITTED WHILE WE ARE STILL AWAY. Do your assignments when they are due to ensure we dont have any complications with grade reporting.



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Modern World 2: