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Remind Codes


1st and 2nd Block - @12conville

3rd and 4th Block - @34conville

6th and 7th Block - @67conville


Google Classroom Codes


1st and 2nd Block - j4gecce

3rd and 4th Block - ol43vp5

6th and 7th Block - 4rl5grg



Monday, May 16 - Beach Ball or Palm Tree Review

Tuesday, May 17 - Final Study Guide Packet, Monster Coordinate Activity





 Week at a glance for May 16 - May 13:


Monday, May 16 - Summer Review Project Due at End of Class

Tuesday, May 17 - Final Review Packet/Monster Coordinate Due at End of Class

Wednesday, May 18 - Awards Day

Thursday, May 19 - 7th and 8th Period Finals

Friday, May 20 - 1st and 2nd Period Finals












Hi, I'm Kacie Conville and I teach 7th grade math. 


This is my 8th year teaching math and my 5th year at Neville Jr. High. 


Students will be graded on weekly bellringers, weekly tests and quizzes, and homework. I have very high expectations of my students and hope that they work hard to be successful.



If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at [email protected].  


School supply list:

Pencils - preferably mechanical with extra lead

Binder with looseleaf paper - binder can be shared with another class

Binder dividers

School issued Chromebook


Wish list:

Paper towels




Disinfectant Wipes


My Schedule:

1st Period - Math         7:29 - 8:18

2nd Period - Math Lab 8:22 - 9:09

3rd Period - Math         9:13 - 10:00

4th Period - Math Lab 10:04 - 10:51

5th Period - Planning  11:20 - 12:07

6th Period - Math        12:11 - 12:58

7th Period - Math Lab 1:02 - 1:49

8th Period - Planning  1:53 - 2:40