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Mr. Scanlon - English 10 and 12



Meet The Teachers Night Videos


English 10 Video


English 12 Video






Welcome! I'm excited for us to be working together this year! All important class information will come through Google Classroom, the class code will be provided to you over email prior to the first day of school, but the codes are also next to the links below:






English 10, Period 1- (code: wbsr3ij)


English 12, Period 2 - (code: s2sbd76)


 English 10, Period 5B - (code: 2wmoewc)


English 12, Period 6 - (code: dnmwsip)


English 12, Period 7 - (code: wszxi5e)



If you would like to meet with me outside of class, please talk to me before or after class or email me at to schedule an appointment.



If you are taking an AP exam this year, please use the following link to find more information:


To join the AP 20-21 Google Classroom, use the code bk3hqnb