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Welcome to 3rd Grade Recorder!


Everyone did an amazing job on the concert!

For next year's 4th grade general music class we will continue playing the recorder. All students will need to return their recorder to their homeroom bucket/box. We will keep the recorders over the summer in the music room and we will use them again when we return in September. 


If you wish to still play recorder over the summer, you may purchase a recorder to use at home. Please view this suggested recorder purchasing link via Students do not need to purchase a recorder to play over the summer; Their recorder from this year will be at school for them when they return in September. I wish everyone a happy and musical summer! 



Belt Songs:

 White Belt - Star Light Star Bright.pdf 

  Yellow Belt Rain Rain.pdf 

  Orange Belt Lucy Locket.pdf 

 Green Belt - Who Has Seen the Wind.pdf 

 Mood Story Pitches.pdf