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Mr. Fannell's Health & PE Website



Hello Everyone!  On this webpage you will be able to find information regarding my PE and Health classes.  Please use this site to find out how you can be successful in both subject areas, and do not hesistate to ask me any questions or concerns that you may have.  I am looking forward to an amazing 17-18 school year with you!


Be a Designated Driver

Be A Hero!


For information on how you, or your child, will be graded, please visit the

"PE Grading Policy" tab




Expectations for Phys Ed:

  • Student arrives to class at their scheduled time
  • Student changes into PE attire and is ready for class within 5 minutes
  • Student is engaging in warm-ups and any type of PE activity
  • Student is willing to challenge themselves to become a better athlete than they were prior to the beginning of the marking cycle. 
  • Student will use Google Classroom to access videos, articles, and other relative information that pertains to the subject area. 


Student is required the meet the expectations listed above. If student does not meet the listed expectation, he/she will have their grade deducted accordingly. 




Expectations for Health:

  • Student will arive on time to class prior to late bell going off
  • Student will complete all class and homework assignments within the given period of time that it is due. 
  • Student will be notified when a project will be assigned to them, as well as when that project is due.  
  • Student should have access to Google Classroom, if not please see me



  • NJ Standard Teaching Cert: K-12 Health & PE
  • Red Cross First Aid, AED, CPR Instructor
  • NASP (Archery)
  • NJ Drivers Education


We will be using a variety of online resources in PE and Health to meet the needs of the 21st century student!