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 A Message from the School Nurse


Please feel free to call me with any health concerns you may have for your child.  I look forward to working with you to provide a healthy environment for your children to learn!



 Health Office Reminders




All communicable diseases should be reported to the nurse ASAP. 


Children who show symptoms of illness (fever over 100.0°, sore throat, rash, vomiting, diarrhea, etc) should remain home.  Children must be fever free with no fever reducing medication/vomit free/diarrhea free for 24hours prior to returning to school.   A doctor's note must accompany children returning to school with rash or pink eye. If antibiotics are prescribed, a full 24hours of medication is needed before child returns. 


If your child has recently been in an accident or has sustained an injury, please have them cleared by the doctor before bringing them to school.  A dr's note with any restrictions is needed upon return to school.  A cast, sling, brace, splint, crutches etc. requires a Doctor's order.  Please call or email me to discuss plan of care and any special needs your child may have.  


If your child has lice, please notify the nurse.  The child should not be put on the bus or sent in to school until cleared by the nurse.  


Medication Notes 

A new form must be completed each school year by the doctor for medication in the nurse’s office, including asthma and allergy medications.  All medications must have a Doctor’s written order including over the counter medications.  Please bring meds in their original container with the pharmacy label on it.  Please do not send medication in with children.  

Below you will find the link to forms for the Doctor to complete.


Request for Administration of Medication

Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan

Asthma Treatment Plan – Student

Seizure Action Plan