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We've already gotten off to a wonderful start! Here's the latest:


In our AP Literature and Composition courses, we're wrapping up our work with Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire, one of our summer reading pieces. We've looked at it through reading journals, and gotten our feet wet with Freudian Theory. We've also taken our first assessments--a practice test offered by AP, and a new, unit-specific one from AP as well. Results were encouraging. We've done lots of writing already, too, including setting up our new blogs with a fanfiction reaction to Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily," and the more traditional literary analysis work that will be our meat and potatoes. Next up is Crime and Punishment. Gotta love those Russian works!


We've been very busy in English IV, too. We studied Carpenter's theory of the Hero's Journey in preparation for our work with Beowulf, working with tracking heroes we know from Disney and Pixar texts. We also got some Anglo-Saxon history and culture under our belts, so we'll know why our characters behave in the way they do. We'll read our hero in action this week, continuing to apply Carpenter's theory, then move on to our next work--Canterbury Tales. This group has also done some writing already, in the form of film analysis and informal letters of introduction, and we've already taken our SLO Pretest to see what work needs to be done and set our course for the semester. We've got lots of British literature to cover, so hang on!