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Welcome to my Language Arts/Literacy Home Page!

I am super excited to journey with your child through the school year!

Together and independently,

we will compose writing pieces,

 read through and

analyze fun & exciting novels!


Our Current Skills Focus:

Narrative Writing

Figurative Language

Author's Purpose




Weighted Grades:

Homework- 5%

Classwork- 20%

Quizzes- 25%

Tests and Projects- 50%



Weekly Homework Assignments:

Monday-Vocabulary QUIZ

Weekly, students are provided with vocabulary words that are threaded thoughout their novel study.  

Friday-Reading Logs

Weekly, students will read for 100 minutes, record their reading duration, and compose summaries of what they have read.

Please Note:  If there is no school on a Monday or Friday, the assignment will be due on the proceeding day.