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Welcome to Global History I !!


"A Teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops," Henry Adams. 





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Course Description 

 Global History I students will spend the entire year studying the first half of World History—from the Prehistoric Era (about 2.5 million BCE) to Modern History leading up to the dawn of Columbus in 1492.


Common themes throughout the school year will include the development of culture and advancing society, how trade affects the spread of all aspects of a society, what contributes to the rise and fall of a civilization, and overall, how past events and advancements in a civilization directly affect what happens in the future.


Get ready for a fun and informative school year! I encourage all students to take risks and be creative, stay focused and most importantly...keep an open mind! I look forward to meeting each and every one of you in September and to begin our exciting educational journey around the world! 



Global History I: Course Breakdown


Unit 1: Introduction to History & Historical Inquiry 

Unit 2:  The Beginnings of Human Society  

Unit 3: Early Civilizations Around the Globe  

Unit 4: The Golden Age of Civilization  

Unit 5: The Rise of European Nations  

Unit 6: Emerging Networks of Trade