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Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing


Bernards Township School District


"The first task is to explain the role of the teacher of the deaf and how we work with SLPs, special education teachers, classroom teachers and support staff, and other service providers on the student’s team. Teachers of the deaf have an in depth understanding of hearing loss and its impact on academic, social/emotional, literacy, and language development in an educational setting. Teachers of the deaf are trained to adapt or modify curriculum to meet the specialized needs of students with hearing loss. We target IEP goals and objectives with the hearing loss in mind and are always thinking not only of what language structures and skills the student needs now, but also what the student will need in upcoming units so that we can pre-teach curriculum concepts and skills for more independent learning. Additionally, we can anticipate what some of the potential social/emotional and self-advocacy challenges may be for our students and preemptively give them strategies to handle these potential difficulties with confidence." (Clarke Mainstream) 

School Phone: 908-470-1600