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February and March 


Thank you for stopping by the page. In the 6th grade students are currently busy working on a variety of analysis. Check out each subject below!

Reading: Students are currently reading a coming of age novel by Ingrid Law entitled Savvy. As students navigate this text, they will be focused on plot and character development, complement characters, determining word meanings, analyzing figurative language and studying the role of symbolism. Students will also be reading a variety of nonfiction articles and viewing documentaries. In these nonfiction resources, students will be studying the arguments and purposes not just of the text, but specific words and paragraphs. 

Writing: Students are in the process of creating persuasive pieces which will build on their argument writing from 2nd marking period. There is a large emphasis on making clear claims and supporting their ideas with evidence in the form of quotes, research, charts and graphs. Students are also working hard on fiction pieces where they write interesting scenes utilizing fiction elements such as realistic dialogue, likeable and dislikable characters and strong, vivid settings. 

Science: The class is currently deep into the study of ecosystems where we learn the causes and effects to various concepts like food webs, predator/prey cycles, biomagnification and invasive species. Lessons and topics continue to be delivered with hands on experiments and problem based learning activities which involve an intense level of problem solving using a variety of resources.