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Education From Home:


In these trying times, it is imperative we keep our kids focused on pace to finish their education for 6th grade and retain a sense of normalcy. I highly reccomend creating a set structure for them complete each subject each day. It is very easy to let time get away from us and assignments begin to pile up.It is my belief that 6th grade can be just as powerful and influnetial online as it is in person. There is no doubt that it will be different- that is for sure. However, together we can still maintain a strong educational development. 



In order to better serve you, the links below will take you to the google doc page for each of the 4 main subjects. Assignments are updated daily with a label to signal what day. These should be completed on the same day on your child's own google doc of the same subject. Students have been taught the process and procedure and are already performing well. 


Reading lessons:



Writing lessons:


Math lessons:


Social Studies or Science lessons:



As always, should you have any questions feel free to email me as I am checking very regularly:


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