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Back to School—NO FUN


 I don’t  know about you guys but the last three weeks have been a whirlwind for sure!  I am at a new school and working with a new grade.  The state threw out all text books for both subjects I teach and I am working with new state standards.  MAN that’s A LOT of change.  But it’s also been extremely exciting.  I’ve gotten to meet and grow to love each of your children.  I look forward to helping them grow academically this year so they can do their best on standardized test in the spring.  I am sure you have heard that Ms. Adams’ is not fair.  That she expects all this ‘stuff’.  So I thought I would take a moment and let you know what is going on.



When our kids take their tests in the spring the Science and Social Studies test will both be done this way.  Students will be given several (up to 4 or 5) documents, timelines, charts, articles, or cartoons to read and analyze.  They will then be presented with a series of questions that ask them to think about ALL of those documents as a whole.  They are scored on the rubric located on the back of your student's workplan.  


Please take a moment and check it out.  If your student’s grades seem lower than they should be it could be because I have started from day one basing their assignments off this rubric so they are used to the format by the time the BIG TEST get here.




Unit 1 science test


Hopefully by now you have all taken a moment to log into ONCOURSE CONNECT and reviewed your student’s grades.  Most students did not successfully pass the Unit 1 test for Science.  I am not sure why this happened.  Everyone was given a study guide to work on, 3 days in class to complete it, points for each question they answered as a reward for working on it and then I gave them the answer key with all the correct answers to study from.  Regardless, we are going to try this test again.  Your student will ask you to sign their test, they will spend this week researching the correct answers (in the information packet I gave them last week) and spend each night studying.  Friday we will re-test  for this information. (sorry students, the test will have different questions).






                                                                                                                               Sincerely,  Ms Valerie Adams