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Below are the documents that were distributed in class.  Please access for your reference.  All information within is not all inclusive.  As changes occur, adendum shall be promulgated through the students and this website.



 Algebra I Course Syllabus 2019-20.pdf 


 Geometry syllabus 19-20.pdf 


 Algebra II syllabus 19-20.pdf 



 school supply list 19-20.pdf 



 Class Guidelines rules consequences.docx 


 Grades and assignment policy for students to copy.docx 






A note from Mr. Pisciotta:


In this current era of competitive global industry we must strive to prepare ourselves today for the challenges that will certainly face us tomorrow.  Parents, students, and teachers alike must equally share the responsibility for student success in an academic setting.  Do not look for shortcuts and easy paths, but rather look forward to the hard work and dedication necessary to produce fruitful and successful future endeavors.  I would like for all stake holders involved to think of these courses as a lesson in real life expectations.  My expectations are high because I understand the performance demands placed upon college students, especially in industrial applications.  It should be your priority to meet such high expectations because one day you will be payed to perform at the highest of standards.  
Remember that success, either in this class, on a sports field, or in your professional career, is earned; not given