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Genetics: DNA - Genes  - Traits - Inheritance 

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    Activity 1: What are DNA and Genes? (Click Here) 



   Activity 2: Building a DNA Molecule (Click Here) 



   Activity 3: DNA Replication (Click Here) 



   Activity 4: RNA: The Versatile Molecule (Click Here) 



    Activity 5: RNA’s role in the central Dogma: (Click Here) 



    Activity 6: Watch the video "What are Protiens" (Click Here) 



    Activity 7:  Types of Proteins (Click Here) 



    Activity 8: What Makes a Firefly Glow? (Click Here) 



    Activity 9: How Do Cells Read Genes? (Click Here)



    Activity 10: Transcribe and Translate a Genes (Click Here) 




    Activity 11: What is mutation? (Click Here)