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Getting to know a little about the teacher: 




Favorite movies? 

My Favoite movies are The Lion King and Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. 



Top event this past summer?

Honeymoon Trip out west! Saw the Grand Canyon North Rim, Zion Naitonal Park, and Lake Mead. 



Coolest adventure you've gone on?

One of the coolest adventures I've been on was in Colorodo Rocky Mountain National Park. Climbed Longs Peak (over 14,000th high). It was pretty scary but very much incredible.  I definitely suggest visiting the National Park if you can. 



Favorit superhero? 

My Dad. 



What is your go to snack? 

Cookies Cookies Cookies!! 



Do you have any Hobbies? 

Hiking and being out in the woods. I am also very passionate about Ultimate Frisbee, which I would lve to start a club or even a team in the near future.



What advice would you give a student in your class? 

Stop by for any reason even to say hi. Also go to extra help if you can cause I may use questions straight from the exam to help you study.