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Below are general guidelines for the class.  Here you will find Grading, Absent policy, Late work, and teacher avalibility. 

Teacher Expectations:

  • Be prepared and on time

  • Be respectful and responsible

  • Show integrity

  • Be Kindly courageous

  • Follow lab safety rules  

  • See me for any concerns

  • Always try for your best


Bring all necessary materials to class:

  • 3 ring binder to organize work, notes, and handouts.

  • Pencils, pens and notebook paper are required everyday!

  • Ear buds

  • Highlighter (optional)


Grading: Students will accumulate points throughout the grading period, which will be converted to a percentage and letter grade. Assignments will come from the following categories.

  • Homework

  • Classwork

  • Labs/ Notes/ Journals 

  • Quizzes/ Test

  • Projects  


Homework Submition: digital and hardcopy submition.

  • Digial work will be submitted using google classroom. 
  • Hardcopy work will be submitted at a designated place in the classroom.
  • All work, either digial or hardcopy, will be due at the beginning of class.  


Late Work: 


  • Homework that is assigned and due the next day will be penilized.

  • Late labs, long-term assignments and projects will lose 5% for each day they are late.  


Absentee Policy: Students will take responsibility for the following procedures following an absence.

  • Assignments that were due on the day of the absence are due the day that the student returns to school.  Upon return to school, student is responsible for any previously announced quizzes, tests, assignments or projects.

  • Upon return to class, the student is responsible for checking with me and the class absent notebook to determine what he/she has missed in class and what work has been assigned.  

  • Students have one day for every day absent to make up work.  It is up to the student to schedule a time to make up quizzes, tests, or labs activities missed.


Teacher Availability:

  • My Door is always open unless of course I’m teaching. (Stop by for any reason even to say “Hello”).

  • Lunch Study Hall

  • Before and after School  (For before school see me for a pass to get into the building)

  • Email - Anytime*  

I am looking forward to working together for an exciting year full of valuable information and fun filled experiences!


Life Science Syllabus 2018-2019