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All About 7th Grades Life Science 



The 7th Grade Life Science course helps students develop an understanding of key concepts to help them make sense life processes that they encounter in their environment as well as within themselves. The ideas learned in 7th Grade Science builds upon students’ science understanding from earlier grades. In keeping with the underlying theme of providing multiple and varied opportunities for all students to experience STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). A major focus of this class is to provide activities where students can work hands on to help engage students and deepen their learning.




This class will cover 4 major units along with many subtopics:



      Unit 1: From Molecules to Organisms 

                     - Cells: structure and function 

                     - From cells to organisms 

                     - Classifying and exploring life 

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      Unit 2: Heredity - Inheritance and Traits

                     - Reproduction and organisms 

                     - Genetics 





      Unit 3: Biologial Evolution - Unity and Diversity 

                     - Fossil records 

                     - Adaptations 

                     - The environment and change over time

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      Unit 4: Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics 

                     - Matter and energy in the environment 

                     - Populations and communities 

                     - Biomes and ecosystems 

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