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I believe that strong parent-teacher communication is essential in the success of your child.  I will include you in your child's academic growth as much as possible.  


While we are gpoing through uncertain times, know that I am here to assist your child every step of the way.  I will be actively using Remind as a main form of communication to keep in touch with you and your child.  At 8:15 AM on Mondays, I will be pushing out weekly assignments for your student to work on throughout the week.  Please feel free to contact me for assistance.  Remind has a call or text feature, you are welcome to contact me either way.  See hours below.  Also, the school will link the lessons on the school webpage, and Facebook page.  Click the link to the left and it will take you to BBP Facebook page directly.  You can access it from those medias as well.  If you still have not been able to access iReady, please let me know.  In addition to Remind, you can email at anytime.  My Remind and email information is listed below.  



The best way to reach me is the remind app.   It is an online forum that I can send reminders and/or updates directly to your phone.  You can also message or call me directly.  Text @cbdf4632ef to 81010 to join my class.  You can also send me your cell phone number and I can add you.  


email:  (Mon-Fri 7:55-3:15)

Phone: 337-332-1821 ext 3784-  (3:15-3:30)-not availabe at this time

Remind: text @cbdf4632ef to 81010 - (Mon-Fri 7:55-3:15)