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Hi all!  I’m Mrs. Coach Griffin. I will be teaching 7th grade math, reading and writing, and 8th grade reading and writing. I am also the head volleyball coach and assistant softball coach, and will be coaching junior high girl’s volleyball, basketball and track.  Being that I’m a new face in the crowd, I wanted to let you in on a little personal info about me for you to feel a bit more comfortable about approaching the first day of school, and having to see and meet new faces! Also, I have attached a supplies list that will help keep our classroom functioning fashionably throughout the school year!


A little something about the new face you will see as you enter the halls of junior high… I’m a mother of 4 awesome kids who will be attending Covington Elementary ranging from Pre-K to 3rd grade. My husband, Coach Griffin, will be teaching and coaching at Covington as well. You 7th graders will have both of us…. Make sure not to play favorites!!!  We don’t want to hurt Coach’s feelings!!!  Our lives revolve around our kids and their interests (school and sports) ….When I say kids, I’m also including all of our adopted kiddos at school!


I am passionate about making the junior high school experience a positive one for all students. I will always work to improve school climate so that all students can learn course materials, as well as the social skills they need to thrive in all aspects of their lives.


I will strive to keep the constructivism approach in my teaching at the forefront to ensure that ALL my students are engaged in learning. I believe that the classroom needs to have high structure and high expectations. Students want to know what is expected out of them each class period, and they need to know that we believe they can achieve their goals, and reach our expectations.


I am thrilled to get this school year started, to start getting to know each of you, and to find out what your interests are.  I have several activities up my sleeve that I am passionate about, and I hope to instill that passion in you! Get Ready to L.E.A.R.N.! I’ll see ya on day one!