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The love of reading is one trait I will work diligently to instill into all of my students' hearts. Please help me encourage your child to LOVE to read. Visit the Scholastic Book Club to order fun books. Use our class code listed below:


Scholastic Book Club: Class code: T2H7Y


In Mrs Bocchino's classroom, we have established essential agreements as a class.

We will listen with our eyes, ears and heart.

We will keep our hands, feet and other objects to ourselves.

We will run only when there is grass under our feet.

We will raise our hand to share thoughts, questions or to get out of our seat.

We will always try our best and allow others around us to do the same.

We will encourage others with kind words and actions.




BOCCHINO’S Class Schedule:

7:30am Breakfast/Unpack/Morning Work
7:55-8:00am IBTV Morning News/Homeroom procedures
8:00-10:15 ELA CORE
10:20-11:10 Enrichment
11:10-11:35- WIN (what I need)

11:40-12:05 LUNCH Table 7
12:05-12:25 RECESS
12:25-1:15  MATH 

1:20-2:00 ELA Interventions/BLAST  (Mrs. Mattingly will work with students FROM 1:20-2:00)
2:00-2:05 Clean up/Pack up
2:05 Dismissal PPU/BUS/ASP/WALKERS 

Day:          Enrichment Class

1                        PE

2                        PE

3                        PE

4                        STEM

5                        MUSIC   

6                        PE

7                        PE

8                        PE

9                        COMPUTER

10                      ART