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 Welcome to 4th Grade


                                              Classroom Mission 

 Our mission is to be a team and synergize. We will work hard everyday to learn. We will strive to be positive leaders.We will encourage others by being responsible, kind, and setting a positive examples.



                                       Class Schedule

7:25-7:50      Unpack, morning work, and check homework                    

7:50-8:00      Announcements and attendence 

8:00-10:15    Literacy Block

                      *Reading and Language Arts

                       *Science and Social Studies Literacy

                       *W.I.N. Time

10:25-10:45    Daily Recess

10:48-11:13    Lunch

11:15-11:30    Silent Reading/AR Tests/Book Check-Out

11:30-12:35    Math

12:35-1:15     Specials- We are the color blue

1:15-2:05       Science/Social Studies

2:00               Prepare for dismissal



Special Events---Medieval Festival

The 4th graders at T.O.E. will have the special opportunity to celebrate Core Knowledge by experiencing a Medieval Festival and Feast.  The date of this event is yet to be determined.




Homework assignments can be found in your child's agenda.  I have students develop their own personal responsibility, so the homework assignments will be copied into their agenda book.  Please refer to your child's binder for the most up to date assignments. AR is a nightly requirement.  Thank you for all your support in making sure students complete their homework nightly!


                                     Fourth Grade Classroom Expectations for Good BEARhavior


Be Respectful--  I will show respect to all adults, classmates, and school property.

Everyone Matters--  I will remain quiet during appropriate times.

Appropriate Activity--  I will use the time given to me to complete assignments.

Responsible--  I will be prepared for my school day and classes.

Safe--  I will listen to and follow directions for all activities and ask when I don't understand.



 Conferences:  Feel free to contact me at anytime with a concerns/questions. I will use the agenda and weekly Friday folders to communicate. A conference can be requested any time if you would like to discuss the needs or your child.  Just write a note in his or her agenda, call the school (267-8020), or e-mail me at