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Quest for Success is an innovative career exploration course designed to ensure students know about and are prepared for careers of the future.

Quest for Success is designed to help all students explore a variety of industry sectors, new and in-demand careers, and related pathways; develop the cross-sector knowledge, skills, character, and dispositions needed to be successful in these and other careers; and learn about themselves to successfully plan for and navigate high school and postsecondary education and the world of work to achieve career and life success. It is best implemented in secondary grades — ideally 7th-9th.



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Keyboarding is a communication process that empowers all to use computers as a tool to enhance lifelong learning. Keyboarding will be integrated throughout the curriculum to encourage application and exploration in a changing world. Students will learn the basic keyboarding skills sets to aid in the developmental  process of technology while preparing for the workforce.




Speech & Drama will allow students to use their creative talents to express their inner emotions while gaining  knowledge through performing arts and the history of theater. Students will gain effective skills sets in play production and public speaking. 


Supplies for all Classes

Back-to-School Shopping: Clothes, Supplies, and More


  1. A 1 ½ inch - three ring binder (no zip-up binders please).

  2. One zipper pouch with 3 holes for the binder.

  3. Two ink pens that write in red ink.

  4. Two ink pens that write in black ink.

  5. One yellow highlighter.  

  6. 24-pack of Pencils
  7. Wide-lined notebook paper (approx. 25-27 lines per page).

  8. One manila folder.  This is a file folder and any color will do.

  9. FOUR dividers with 3 holes for binder.

How to Label Dividers:

  1. Agendas: These are your daily in-class activities.

  2. Bell ringers: Daily five-minute exercise.

  3. Unit Work:  This section is for dated lecture notes and writing assignments.

  4. Handouts: For any documents that the teacher advises you to keep.

Class Rules:

  1. NO GUM!

  2. Please bring binder to class daily.

  3. You must have the teacher’s permission to use computers for other reasons.

  4. Respect all classroom property; no yelling or horseplay.

  5. You must be seated when the tardy bell rings.

  6. Please arrive at class on time! .

  7. Remain in your seat and ask the teacher's permission to move around the class.

  8. Refrain from bringing food or drinks to class, no eating in the lab.

  9. The bell doesn't dismiss you; remain seated until the teacher releases you. 

  10. Participate in all class activities on 

  11. Students must bring an AR book or work for another class daily.