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This all-encompassing introduction to theatre arts will serve new young artists as they take their first steps towards understanding “the basics” of theatre. We will cover the core components of the theatre machine: acting, directing, playwriting, and technical theatre. By understanding the inner workings of these concepts and practices, we will also expand our knowledge of theatre history. Young artists will also be introduced to publicity, the nuance of play production, and a deep well of improvisational exercises and games. This course will provide the strong foundation to continue a pursuit of the arts, while enhancing other non-arts skills such as public speaking, the ability to collaborate with others, and criticism.


Student Evaluation

Students will be evaluated with course rubrics, projects, quizzes, and tests.  


Behavior Policy

3 Strikes Policy:

  1. Verbal Warning
  2. Disqualified (go to re-direction center  and do special class assignments)
  3. Detention and a call home

*After student has not made a change in behavior, incidents will be referred to administration.


Classroom Expectations

1. Students will come to class on time prepared and ready to learn.

2. Students will complete and participate in ALL class activities.

3. All students will be silent and respectful while other students are presenting.

4. The teacher and students will work together for a respectful, safe classroom.

5. Participation in class will enhance all students’ learning experiences.

6. Cell phones, iPods, mp3 players, and any other personal items are not in class at any time.


Class Requirements

Students are required to bring all class materials (Supplies listed below).


Supplies (For 5th – 8th grade ONLY)

  • Folder (Any color/pattern)
  • Paper, Journal, OR One subject notebook
  • Pen (Black or Blue) and Pencil



Ways Theatre contributes to core subjects?


Dramatic arts education is an important means of stimulating creativity in problem solving. It can challenge students' perceptions about their world and about themselves.  At the center of all drama is communication. Like all the arts, drama allows students to communicate with and understand others in new ways.
This year's Production!
 The cost  is (optional) and will be used as donations to the Drama Club. 




Perstephanie Goes Underground is the comedic retelling of Persephone, the young Greek Goddess of Spring. In this story, Perstephanie takes a job in the Underworld in hopes of gaining more freedom and respect from her mother. However, things don’t turn out as she planned and Perstephanie learns that you can’t always go home. This play teaches lessons about growing up and becoming independent. It is a great introduction to the Greek myths and their view of the changing of the seasons and the afterlife.









Name: Ms. N. Washington 

Phone: (504)-826-7140


Room #: 1145





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