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September 14: PTO/SAC Meeting @ 6pm




Welcome To Kindergarten!





In our classroom:


We will choose to make new friends.


We will choose to be kind, helpful and accepting.


We will choose to believe in the power of YET.  


We will choose to be proud of our accomplishments.





Please take a few moments to read over some of the reminders/procedures listed below. 


Planners:  Your child will receive a school planner that is to go back and forth to school each day.  This is a vital part of our communication to one anotherPlease look in your child’s planner EVERY day and initial on the line daily. This way, I will know that you have seen the planner.  I will be checking each planner every morning as your child comes into the classroom.  If there is something quick that I need to make you aware of or remind you of something, I will jot you a note in the planner.  If you have any questions or something that you need to share with me, feel free to jot it in the planner. 


Brown Envelopes:   Each Friday, your child will bring home a brown folder with all of the work that they have completed for the week.  Please review the work with your child, sign the front of the empty brown envelope and return it to school on Monday.  The papers in the folder may be kept at home after you have reviewed them.


Transportation:  Anytime there is change in your child’s transportation, you must notify me in writing through the planner or call our school office (542-3551)   I CANNOT go by a verbal statement from your child or from a sibling.  This is for your child’s safety.  If I do not have a written note or word from the office, your child will be sent home as they normally do.


Behavior:  Positive classroom behavior is another area of importance.  I expect the children to be kind, considerate and respectful at all times.