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  • I-Ready Reading 30 minutes daily
  • Typing club 30 minutes daily
  • Choose 1 article from Daily. Read and answer each question correctly using Complete sentences. 



  • My office hours are from 10a.m.-12p.m. Daily. Message me on remind or email me and I will get back to you ASAP.
  • Our first video lesson will begin this week.  I will send the final date and time by 12p.m Wednesday 4/22. 



On the website students are to read the following articles and answer the questions.

1. The Magic Mime   2. What's For Breakfast   3. The Circus Goes to Town   4. World War 1 and the Great Depressions.

Parents you can take a picture of the completed assignments and send it to me on Remind. If you don't have internet access I will send you a picture of the assignment.