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Welcome 6th Graders!!! :) 



   My name is Ms. Baust! I will be teaching three subjects this year: Science, Math, and Science Academy. I am excited to be at Palmer Middle School! This year will be a great and wonderful year!


A little bit about myself....

   I graduated from Kennesaw State University with an elementary degree (P-5). I am also certified for middle grades math and science, which is why I teach those two areas this year. I taught 5th grade last year in Fulton County where I taught Science, Math (3 levels: on, advanced, accerlerated) and Writing. 

   I know where your 6th graders are in terms of excitement, nerves, and new school atmosphere. I am here to help in anyway that I can to make sure that you/ your child is prepared to succeed in their education journy! 


Parents: if you do need to reach out to me, please make sure you tell me your child's name, what period, and subject they have me for so that way I am able to understand with clarity of which student is being addressed. I have many students with three different subjects to keep up with. It will be much easier for me to know exactly which student I am addressing if those three things are addressed first. Thank you!! :)




Please keep up to date on parentvue for current and up to date grades. The grades represent the content understanding and true reflection of the effort the student is putting into their education/studies.