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                              Civics is the study of the rights and duties of citizens!  




                                               10th Grade Civics 




                      Course description:


     This course shall be perferably taken by 10th grade year. Civics course content focuses on local, state, and national government institutions, the discussion and debate of current and controversial issues,sevice learning, and simulations of the democratic process. Civic students will play an active and engage role in their learning within this course.


     Students will have practices forming public policy solutions, debating issues and writing court opinion briefs. Civics helps young people, prior to graduation, aquire and learn to use the skills and knowledge that will prepare them to be competent,responsible, and informed citizens in a global society.



      This course is required for high school graduation.




     Required materials:

     Charged chromebook


     pen or pencil

     Supplemental readings

     Current event readings




     Grading scale:(7pt)

     93-100    A

     85-92     B

     75-84     C

     67-74     D 

      0-66      F