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Congratulations on making it to your senior year of high school! Your hard work and determination have gotten you this far, and you will need those same characteristics to succeed in English IV, whether you are in Academic or Honors.


Regardless of what your goals after high school may be, English IV is intended to help you become better readers, thinkers, and communicators so that you can cultivate the skills and behaviors you will need to excel in the world beyond Kingsway.



In this course, we will conduct in-depth studies and discussions of major literary writers (e.g., William Shakespeare, William Golding); refine our skills in critical listening, speaking, reading, and writing; and practice writing in various genres (e.g., expository, analytical, business). Our units of study are as follows:


  1. College and Career Readiness

  2. Macbeth

  3. Romanticism and Romantic Poetry

  4. The Senior Research Project

  5. Lord of the Flies

  6. Dystopian Literature



All the best,

Mr. Tirri