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November 26

This week we will unpack Unit 2, Embedded Assessmet 2 , read an argumentaive essay looking for claims an counterclaims, and learn how to evaluate sources.


Here is the link to the PPT on Evaluating Sources. Just copy and paste it into your browser.



Here is the link for the notes on Evalutaing Sources




 Important Upcoming Due Dates

 Tuesday, November 27: Book Project is due


November 12


Students have completed the following:


1)Read and annoated  "211 Billion and So Much to Buy American Youths, the New Big Spenders" (p.87) -


2) Read "Facts About Marketing to Children" (p.95) You read and annotated this story. Then they wrote an essay using the ClEv-r strategy on whether the author presented positive, negative, or neutral facts. They received a formative assessment grade and on Monday, Nov. 12, they will get written and verbal feedback from Ms. Novo on this.


3) Read and paraphrased "Marketing to Kids Gets More Savvy with New Technologies" (p.116). They will finish paraphrasing this on Monday 


4) Watched the video, "Myth Busters" and completed a graphic organizer.  


Next week they will complete a graphic organizer and then write an essay on how marketing directed at youth affctes their lives. Here is a copy of the directions. This is a summative assessment.



Important Upcoming Due Dates

Friday, November 16: Advertising Explanatory Essay is due

Tuesday, November 27: Book Project is due


Week of October 29


We just completed Unit 1, culminating in students having the choice to individually or collaboratively write their own original myths. These may take me a little while to grade as some are many pages long. Last week we began Unit 2, learning about our consumer-driven benhaviors, the multi-billion dollar advertisting industry, and advertisting's impact on America's youth. This week will be analyzing ads as we work tooward Embedded Assessment 2 which is writing an explanatory essay on advertising's effect on youth.  It is my hope that we can work in an innovative activity of creating our own advertisements, or maybe even a reverse advertisement that seeks to to get people to NOT buy a product. 


Some students are not completing their 45 minutes of Membean each week but most students are still doing well on the tests. They still need to practice nonetheless. 


The next book project is due on November 27, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.





Week of October 15.

It's an early reslease week. Students are finishing and revising their myths. 
Here is the link to the Myth Directions & Rubric


In addition, they need to do the following:

1)  Complete 45 minutes of Membean 

2) Read a book of their choice. The next book project is due the weekn after Thanksgiving Break.


Week of October 8

Students have read a few myths and completed their short cycle assessment.  Over the next 2 weeks, they will be writing their own original myths. Elements of a myth include a natural phenomena, important lessons about life, superhuman gods or heroes, and morals regarding human weaknesses.


Here is the link to the Myth Directions & Rubric.  However, I ask that students not work too far ahead because I will be teaching important mini-lessons that must be incorporated into their myths. As of now, the myth wil be due on Friday, October 19.



RE: Membean Vocabulary Practice

Many of your students are not completing their 45 minutes of Membean practice each week. Although they have a little time to practice Membean in the lab each Friday, it is not enough time to complete all of their minutes. Furthermore, many are not actively working on it when they are in the lab on Fridays.  Although parents and students can view their minutes, Membean does not show students their  “dubious” minutes which happen when a student is logged in but not actively engaged.  They could be logged in but working on a different tab, or just logged in and talking to a friend. Sudents must practice their vocabulary to sharpen their reading and communication, as well to increase their test grades.





Week of August 20

Students read "Why Couldn't My Name Be Ashleigh?" and completed an Incident/Response/Reflection. Students collaborated on startions to further explore sensory details, figurative language, and choices they make at school and coherence. There was a quiz on 12 literary terms Friday. Students should be reading and working on Membean at home.


Importand Future Dates

Sunday, August 26 45 minutes of Membean practice is due (Summative Assessment 20% of the grade comes from actually practicing for 45 minutes a week)

Tuesday, Sept. 4 - Book Projects due (Summative Assessment)

Friday, September 7 - Final Draft of Personal Narrative is due




Week of August 14

We have been reading and analyzing peronal narratives.  This week we read "Bad a Boy" and we partly completed an Incident/Response/Reflection togther and students finished it independently. The following day students took a quiz. 


Week of August 7

We read "Scholarship Jacket" and students complete an an Incident/Response/Reflection the following day. Membean accounts were set up.




Welcome to 7th Grade English Language  Arts


I am excited to be teaching ELA at Palmer this year and that you are in my class my year. I am entering my 15th year of teaching, and  I have to admit that my passion for teaching and learning is stronger than ever.  I am constantly trying refine my craft to increase student engagement and learning.  I strive to provide students with opportunities to discover their passions by giving them choices about what they want to focus on and and how they demonstrate their progress.


I am open to your suggestions and look forward to growing and learning with you this school year. 



Ms. Novo