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End of the Year


May 10, 2018


I have provided a link to a quizlet and a study guide to review for the SLO test tomorrow.


 Final Exam Review answer key (1).docx 


May 8, 2018


I have provided a link to a powerpoint that would be a great study resource for the science SLO.  


 Earth Science Review.pptx 





May 7, 2018


Students have completed all units for the year. This Friday on May 11th, students will take the science SLO test. This is a test that covers all of the content taught this year and will be a 70% summative grade. I have provided a powerpoint link for students to review  the content that was taught  during the first semester of school.


 Earth Science SLO Review!.pptx 



Unit: 6 Astronomy


Wednesday April 25, 2018


Today we began the unit for astronomy. This is the last content that students will be learning for the year. I have posted a powerpoint to the notes that we discussed in class.


  Astronomy Scavenger Hunt.pptx 




Unit 5: Climate and Weather


Thursday April 19, 2018


I have put two different quizlets that students can use to study under the "quizlet" tab. If students use the study guides provided  and the quizlets they should do great on the test tomorrow! 


Wednesday April 18, 2018


I have attached the answer key for the ch.16 weather study guide. The test is this Friday 4/18.


 Chapter 16 Weather study guide 2015 key.docx 


Homework: study the ch. 15 and 16 study guides for the test.



Monday April 16, 2018


We are wrapping of the remainder of unit 5: climate and weather. The test for unit 5 will be this Friday, April 20th. The study guides for this test will be split into two parts: chapters 15 & 16. Students were given the chapter 15 study guide today and I have posted the answer key for this guide as well. Students will begin the chapter 16 study guide tomorrow in class.


Homework: Study for the test on Friday April 20th!


 Ch 15 Study Guide Key 1.pdf 

 Ch 15 Study Guide Key 2.pdf 


Monday April 9, 2018


Reminder: EOG testing begins tomorrow. The first section will be for ELA.



Monday March 26, 2018


For the new unit, students will learn about Earth's atmosphere, wind, and weather. For the next three days (3/26-3/28), students will be doing a project in class for local and global wind systems. This project is a summative (70%) grade. I have provided students with a checklist of everything that is required as well as a rubric that I will use to grade the project. The project is a two part project: a poster that they will do with a group and a research essay that they will write individually. The research essay is due Wednesday 3/28. I have provided links to the packet they I gave the student to follow for this project.


Homework: Complete wind research essay following the checklist and rubric. Due Wednesday 3/28! 


Master Rubric Template for FIP Final Project 3.15.18(1).docx 

 Local and Global Wind Systems Project Checklist.docx 




Unit 4: Water on Earth


Friday March 16, 2018


I will have all grades updated by the end of today. The grade shown in parentvue/studentvue is the grade that students will have for quarter 3. Have a great weekend!!


Friday March 9, 2018


We completed the study guide today for the test and went over the answers. I have also attached a link to the study guide key on my blog. Have a great weekend!


Wednesday March 7, 2018


I finished all of the content that students will need to know for  unit 4: water on Earth today. The test for unit 4 will be on Thursday 3/15. Students were given the study guide for this test to begin working on  for homework. If students read through all of the notes in their interactive notebook and in their binder they will be able to find  the answers that they need. Also, I will be putting the ocean webquest worksheet in the gradebook. This is the worksheet that I mentioned in my post from 2/28. I have attached a link to the worksheet for any students that have lost it or need a new one. I need  this back tomorrow 3/8. 


Link to worksheet for homework: 


Wednesday February 28, 2018


Today we did a webquest on laptops to find answers about ocean currents. For students who were not able to complete the webquest they can use the links below to finish.


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:



Tuesday February 27, 2018


We are almost to the end of unit 4: Water on Earth. Students will be learning about ocean currents throughout this week. Once we are finished, I will give a unit test over waves, tides and currents. I will post more  review information later through the week.


Tuesday February 13, 2018


Students have been learning about tides and waves since my last update. I am sorry for not updating my blog recently. We have been reviewing for the tides and waves quiz this week.  I will give the quiz on Thursday 2/15. Students should study the notes that were given to them in class as a guide for the quiz.


Friday January 26, 2018


I went over the answers to the study guide today in class. I have also posted a key to the study guide on my blog. The test is Wednesday 1/31.


Thursday January 25, 2018


Students will have a test on Wednesday 1/31. The test will cover the five oceans, the  ocean floor characteristics, and ocean floor mapping. Students were given a study guide today to complete for homework. I will post answers to the study guide tomorrow evening. I have a great game website that reviews all material with students. I would like students to access the games over the weekend to help them study as well as study the study guide. I have the link to the review game under my games tab on my blog as well as instructions on how to access it. If students forget their username, email me and I will give it to you.


Homework: complete the ocean study guide.



Tuesday January 9, 2018


Today students learned about the distribution of water on Earth and how it is related to the water cycle. I have a quizlet that students can use to study for the quiz on my blog. The quiz for fresh water/water cycle will be on Friday 1/12/18.


Homework: Study quizlet and vocabulary on blog for the water cycle. 


Thursday January 4, 2018


I was so happy to see everyone today after our long break. We started unit 4: water on Earth today. Students were introduced to the new vocabulary for the water cycle which I have updated on my blog.


Unit 3: The Dynamic Earth


Tuesday December 19, 2017


All of the grades are updated in the gradebook for semester 1. I hope everyone has a great break. Happy Holidays!!


Thursday December 7, 2017


I have all of the grades for the Earth's Interior quiz in the gradebook. Today, students began to learn about plate tectonics and the Continental Drift theory. I will give the study guide for the test to students tomorrow 12/8 so that they can begin working on it and studying. The test will be Friday December 15th.


Monday December 4, 2017


Today and tommorrow in class are review days for the quiz. All students should be using the vocabulary and notes that they took in class to study. The quiz is over Earth's interior and will be given on Wednesday 12/6.


Homework: Study for the Earth's Interior quiz.


Tuesday November 28, 2017


We started Unit 3: The Dynamic Earth on Monday 11/27. Students were introduced to all  new vocabulary that will be discussed throughout this unit. All of this week and part of next week we will be discussing the different layers of the Earth. The first quiz will be on Wednesday December 6th. I have all vocabulary terms updated in the vocabulary section of my blog.


Unit 2: Weathering, Erosion, & Soil


Friday November 17, 2017


All students who made below an 80 on the unit test yesterday were able to do test corrections today. All of the grades are updated for the test and are now posted. When students come back from break, we will begin a new unit: The Dynamic Earth. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving break!!!! 



Monday November 13, 2017


I went over all of the answers to the study guide today in class. I have also attached a link to the answer key on my blog for anyone who may have missed any answers as I was discussing them. 


Homework: study the study guide guide. Test Thursday 11/16!!


Friday November 10, 2017


Today we completed the unit for Weathering, Erosion and Soil. Students took notes on soil conservation and the different techniques that farmers use. Students now have all of the information to complete the study guide for the unit test. I have also attached a blank copy of the study guide for any students that forgot to bring it home. I will spend Monday and Tuesday next week  to review the  material and the completed study guide for the test.  The unit test is on Thurday 11/16!!!!  Also, all of the vocabulary is updated on my blog to use as a study resource.


Homework: Complete study guide. 


 Weathering Erosion Soil Formation Test Study Guide 2015.docx 


Wednesday November 8, 2017


In class today, I went over a powerpoint and discussed the different properties for soil. Students were able to take notes over the new vocabulary term for soil. Tomorrow I will be giving all of my students a study guide to begin working on. The test over weathering, erosion, deposition and soil will be on Thursday November 14th!!


Homework: study the soil vocabulary from today.


Wednesday November 1, 2017


Students complete their powerpoint presentations over weathering, erosion and deposition. I would like for them to use this powerpoint and their notes to study for the quiz tomorrow. I also have a quizlet under the games section of my blog that they can study.


Homework: Study weathering, erosion and deposition notes, quizlet and the powerpoint that they made in class for quiz tomorrow 11/2.


Friday October 27, 2017


Today students were able to make corrections to their rock test for the answers that they missed. They were instructed to tell me what the correct answer is and why. Everyone was allowed to use their notes as a guide to answer the corrections. For every correct response, they received half credit.


Tuesday October 24, 2017


Students made a booklet with notes covering the topic of erosion.



Monday October 23, 2017


We did a skittles lab today to demonstrate the process of weathering and erosion.



Thursday October 19, 2017


Today we went to the computer lab and did an online scavenger hunt to find the information needed.

For Part 1 of the scavenger hunt students used the website:

For Part 2:


For Part 3:

The login for brainpop is:Vesbrainpop and the

Passwork is: bluebird


Monday October 16, 2017


Today we started a new unit and I introduced students to the concept of weathering. Students worked on a frayer model using the textbook to find the definitions to the new terms that they are learning.



Unit 1: Minerals & Rocks




Friday October 13, 2017


Test Day!!



 Thursday October 12, 2017


I have posted a review game for the test tomrorow to help students study. The review games can be found when you click on my "games" link.  I have two different versions that they can play. The ID for review rocks #1 is: 27006 and the ID for review rocks #2 is 32837.


The rock test is TOMORROW 10/13!!!!


Wednesday October 11, 2017


I went over all of the answers to the rock study guide today in class. After discussing the answers, we were able to play trash ball which is a fun review game that the students love! I have the answer key for the rock study guide posted on my blog as well. 


Homework: Study the rock study guide. The rock test is Friday the 13th!!


Tuesday October 10, 2017


Students were able to analyze and observe the different characteristics of metamorphic rocks today in lab.


Monday October 9, 2017


We finished all our notes today for metamorphic rocks which completes all information that the students will need to know for the rock test on Friday the 13th. All the notes: Sedimentary, Igneous and Metamorphic should be used to complete the rock study guide. I will be posting answers to the study guide on Wednesday. 


Homework: Study the rock study guide. 


Friday October 6, 2017


The rock study guide was given out to students today to begin working on it. The rock test will be on Friday the 13th!!



Thursday October 5, 2017


A lab was set up so that students could observe different sedimentary rocks and record their observations.


Wednesday October 4, 2017


Students took notes over sedimentary rocks and the characteristics/properties.


Homework: Study sedimentary rock notes.



Tuesday October 3, 2017


A lab was set up so that students could observe different igneous rocks and record their observations. 


Homework: Study igneous notes


Monday October 2, 2017


Today students took notes over igneous notes and were able to learn about the characeristics and properties of igneous rocks at a more in depth level.


Homework: study igneous notes



Tuesday September 19, 2017


All of the answers to the rock cycle study guide were discussed in class today  for the quiz on Friday. We also were able to play a fun review game on Kahoot using the school iPads. For any students who still need the answers to the study guide, I have them posted on my blog under the rock cycle study guide section.


Homework: Study the rock cycle study guide


Monday September 18, 2017


We discussed the notes to the rock cycle today. I wanted to make sure that each student has the proper notes and is caught up on all information. Each student was given a study guide for the Rock cycle quiz which is Friday 9/22.


Homework: complete study guide


Friday September 15, 2017


Today was a remediation day. Any student who did not do well on the density quiz last Friday was able to do a worksheet to try to gain some points back. Students were also able to catch up on any work that they were  behind on in my class.


Thursday September 14, 2017


Students were able to complete the rock cycle notes today and were introduced to the rock cycle diagram.



Wednesday September 13, 2017


We are officially starting the rock section for our Unit 1 section: Minerals & Rocks. Students were able to complete the rock cycle vocabulary today. Once finished with defining the new terms, the class started taking notes on the rock cycle using the text books.


Homework: Study the rock cycle vocabulary.




Tuesday September 12, 2017


School closed due to weather.



Monday Septemebr 11, 2017


School closed due to weather.



Friday September 8, 2017


Density quiz today!!!! Once the students finished the quiz, they were able to begin to define the new vobaulary  terms for the rock cycle. All new vocabulary  terms for the rock cycle can be found on my blog under the vocabulary tab.


Thursday September 7, 2017


All students should have the study guide for the density quiz completed. We reviewed the answers in class and I have the answers to the study guide posted on my blog as well. The quiz for density is TOMORROW (9/8).


Homework: Study the density study guide.



Wednesday September 6, 2017


Students were able to do a mini volume lab today similar to the mass lab.  The students were put into groups and each group had a graduated cylinder and a ruler to find the volume of different objects/minerals. They were taught to use a graduated cylinder to find the volume for irregular shaped objects and that the unit would be in mililiters (mL). For regular shaped objects such as a book or a box we would use a ruler to find the volume using the formula length x width x height and the unit would be centimeters (cm).


Tuesday September 5, 2017


Today we were able to do a Mini Mass Lab. Students were put into groups and each group had a triple beam balance. The students had a set of random objects/ minerals and were able to find the mass of each object by using the triple beam balance. 


Homework: Begin working on the Density Study Guide 

 Copy of Study Guide if needed: Density Review.docx 




Monday September 4, 2017


Labor Day: NO SCHOOL!!




Friday September 1, 2017


We focused on how to calculate and find the mass of different minerals and real worl objects today. Students received a practice worksheet to learn how to read a triple beam balance properly and how to record the mass. 


Thursday August 31, 2017


In today's work session, we worked on density practice problems. It is important to practice density problems as much as possible to become comfortable with the concept and understand how to properly use the Density formula (Denisty=Mass divided by Volume).


Wednesday August 30, 2017


Early Release Day!! Today was a catch up day for anyone who was behind on something or needed some extra help.


Tuesday August 29, 2017





Students were introduced to Density today. We took notes in class that covered all vocabulary terms that are relevent to density. All of the new vocabulary terms can be found in the vocabulary link on my blog. (Sidenote: tomorrow is an EARLY release day!!)


Homework: Measuring Matter Practice Problems (due tomorrow 8/30)

Link to homework if needed:  Measuring Matter Practice Problems.docx 


**Density practice examples and problems can be found in the pracitce problems of my blog**



Monday August 28, 2017


Students were allowed to complete test corrections today from the Unit 1: Mineral's test. If a student made an 80% or lower it was required to do corrections. Any student with an 80% or above was allowed to do corrections but it was not mandatory. All test scores are listed on ParentVue. 



Friday August 25, 2017


Today everyone did a Pre-SLO test in the computer lab. All students will retake this test at the end of the year. We will compare the scores from the Pre-SLO test to the actual SLO test at the end of the year to see how much each student has progressed throughout this course.


Thursday August 24, 2017


We introduced how rocks are formed by watching a Bill Nye the Science Guy video. 



Wednesday August 23, 2017





Tuesday August 22, 2017


Today we did a Review for the Unit test over minerals. We played a jeopardy mineral review game to make studying a bit more fun and interactive.



Monday August 21, 2017


Today is the day of the total solar eclipse!!! We were able to have a mini lesson on what a solar eclipse is. We also spent today as a review day since our FIRST test is on Wednesday August 23!!! I will be posting the answers to the study guide in my blog under the study guide section.


Homework: Study the study guide, IAN, and my blog for test 1.


Friday August 18, 2017


We completed our identifying mineral's lab today.



Thursday August 17, 2017

We began day 1 of 2 for our identifying minerals lab. 



Wednesday August 16, 2017


It was a fun day in class today! We were able to play a video game called mastermines on our classroom laptops. The game allowed involved us mining unknown minerals  and testing them in a lab to identify what kind of mineral was found. It gave the students a fun/ interactive way of applying the tests that they have been learning about in class to identify a mineral and visualizing it in a video game. Students have access to play the mastermine games anytime by accessing through this blog under the link "games" to the left. It is not only fun, but also a great study tool!


Homework: Review ALL vocabulary.


**1st Test for Unit 1 (Minerals): Wednesday August 23rd.**



Tuesday August 15, 2017


Using the homework from Monday night, we created a flip book to use as a study tool to help us learn the  tests (color, streak, hardness, cleavage, fracture,  luster, and density) for identifying a mineral from its properties.




   How to identify a mineral by its properties?


Monday August 14, 2017


  Now that students have learned how to determine if a substance being observed is a mineral or not, they will now focus on identifying the kind of mineral being observed by testing the properties. Today, we watched a video called Earth Science in Action: minerals. This video introduced the different propeties used to identify a mineral which are: 1) Color, 2)Streak, 3)Hardness, 4)Cleavage, 5)Fracture, 6)Luster, 7)Density. They were also introduced to the Moh's scale when determing the hardness of a mineral.


Homework: Define the 6 different tests for mineral properties using my blog.



Friday August 11, 2017


We put our knowledge to the test today in the Mineral or not lab. Students took all the information they have learned this past week about how to determine if a substance is a mineral and applied it to our lab today. We had 6 different stations with a different substance at each station. Students worked collaboratively with their group and traveled around the room to identify if the substance being observed is a mineral.



Thursday August 10, 2017


   Today we finished "marking the text" for what a mineral is. Students completed the questions found in the worksheets using their notes and reading materials.  We then started a fun activity called "mighty minerals". This activity is using their mineral that they researched for their homework on(8/9). All students are drawing their mineral as a superhero cartoon with a superpower that goes along with the uses the mineral has.


Homework: Complete the mighty mineral properties. Students can use this link to find the information they need to complete their homework.


This homework activity will give the students a preview of the new terminology that we will learn next week. (i.e:streak, cleavgae, color, hardness, etc.) I already have these terms posted with the definitions in my vocaublary section.



Wednesday August 9, 2017


   In class today, students learned how to "mark the text". This is an important study tool that I am teaching students to  build the skills of being able to read material and picking out key/important ideas. In the InterActive Notebook (IAN), we placed worksheets from chapter 3, section 1 of the textbook for "What is a Mineral?". Students were taught to highlight the main ideas and to circle key terms.

   At the end of the packet, the 4 questions should be answered. 1) What are the four features of a mineral? 2) What is the difference between an atom and an element? 3) What determines the shape of a crystal? 4) Why is the ice in a glacier considered a mineral, but the water in a river is not considered a mineral?


Homework: I want students to go online and find one mineral that seems interesting to them. I would like them to: 1) write the mineral's name that they chose.  2) Write 2-3 interesting facts about that mineral.



Tuesday August 8, 2017


What is a Mineral?


   We will be going over this question the next few days. Today students learned the four main categories of identifiying a mineral: 1) Is it naturally occurring? 2) is it inorganic? 3) Is it a solid? 4) does it have a definite chemical composition?


   We learned as a class that if we can check off each of those 4 categories that we can conclude that the substance being analyzed is a mineral.


Homework: Review vocabulary using google or a dictionary. Students are to use there inference skills to look up definitions from other sources and be able to fill in the blank to their best ability. The worksheet will be reviewed the next day (8/9) in class with the answers. In the future students will be able to use this blog as a resource when looking up definitions for vocabulary.