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Unit 4:  Water on the Earth


Friday December 7, 2018


Students have been learning about the topography and composition of Earth's oceans. I have posted a copy of the notes that we did in class today. The hydrology test will be Wednesday December 19th.


 Earth's Oceans Notes key.docx 


Wednesday November 28, 2018


We are at the beginning of unit 4. Students are currently learning about the water cycle and fresh water on Earth. The fresh water quiz will be Tuesday, December 4th. I have attached a copy of the water cycle notes that students did in class today, as well as a link to the water cycle rap.


 Water Cycle Notes 2018.docx 

Water Cycle Rap: 



Unit 3: Climate & Weather


Monday November 12, 2018


Wednesday 11/14 is the unit test for weather. Please study for homework!


Unit 3B study guide key.doc 



Friday November 9,2018


Attached is a copy of the air mass notes and  the weather test study guide. Have a great weekend! 


 Airmass Notes Key.docx 

 Weather Unit 3B Study Guide.doc 



Thursday November 8, 2018


I recommend making flash cards to study the weather front notes. The test is Wednesday 11/14. 

 Fronts 4 square Key.docx 


Wednesday November 7, 2018


Students will spend the next week learning about weather. I have attached a copy of the notes for what influences weather and a copy of the weather vocabulary. The test for unit 3B will be Wednesday 11/14. Please have students study each night for this test! 


Air pressure & Weather notes.docx 


 Weather vocabulary.docx 


Tuesday October 30, 2018


Local wind notes. 

Local Breezes Organizer key 2017.pdf 


Friday October 26, 2018


Students will have a quiz on global and local winds   Wednesday 10/31. I will allow students to use their notes from class on this quiz. I have attached a link to the powerpoint that we used today for notes.




Monday October 22, 2018


The unit 3A test will be Wednesday 10/24. I have provided the study guide key that students can use to study for the test. I will also be having a review session for my success block tomorrow that students can attend for extra help. 


**The permission slip for the Tellus Science museum field trip is due: Thurday 10/25. This field trip is a great opportunity for students to have a hands on experience to everything that they will learn this year. Please turn this permission slip in. I would love for all students to go!!!**


 Unit 3A KEY Weather Study guide.docx 


Thursday October 18, 2018


I have attached a copy of the powerpoint that I used in class for methods of heat transfer.


 Heating the Atmosphere chart.pptx 


Tuesday October 16, 2018


This week we are moving quickly due to the  1/2 days for conference week. I taught students about the greenhouse effect and global warming today. I have attached the powerpoint that I used in class. Students will learn about heat transfer in Earth's atmosphere for the remainder of the week.  The test for this material will be on Wednesday 10/24. I have added a quizlet to my tabs section for layers of the atmosphere that students can use as a resource to study.

 The Greenhouse Effect notes.pptx 


Monday October 15, 2018


Students should complete the Graphing the Layers of the Atmosphere worksheet. I will be grading this worksheet as a 70% grade. This worksheet was given to students last Friday and is due tomorrow 10/16. I have attached this worksheet in case anyone needs a new copy.  The first test for the 2nd quarter will be  Wednesday 10/24. Please have students study all of the notes that I have attached for Unit 3 to prepare for the test.


 Graphing Layers of Atmosphere lab.pdf 



Friday October 12, 2018


I have attached a copy of the notes for the composition of Earth's atmosphere. Students should study these notes in addition to the layers of the atmosphere notes. 


 Characteristics of the atmosphere 1 key.doc 



Tuesday October 9, 2018


We are at the beginning of unit 3. Students are currently learning about the layers of Earth's atmosphere. I have the atmosphere notes that students should use to study.





 Unit 2: Earth, Moon, and Sun


Thursday October 4, 2018


Tomorrow is the eclipse quiz and unit 2 vocabulary quiz. I have provided two powerpoints that students should use to study.


 Unit 2 Vocabulary Trash Ball.pptx 


 Eclipse Trash Ball Review.pptx 



Monday October 1, 2018


This week students will learn about solar and lunar eclipses. The quiz for eclipses will be this Friday 10/5. I have attached the notes for students to study.

 eclipse notes.docx 


Tuesday September 18, 2018


Tomorrow is the test for Seasons and moon phases. I have attached an answer key to the study guide. 


Unit 2 Study Guide Key.docx 



Monday September 17, 2018


Students were given notes today for phases of the moon. The test that will be this Wednesday 9/19. The test is on Seasons and phases of the moon. Students were given a study guide to complete for homework tonight. I have attached a blank copy of the study guide and the moon phase notes.


  Unit 2 Study Guide.docx 

 8 Phases of the Moon.pptx 



Friday September 14, 2018


Students have spent this week learning about the reason of Earth's seasons. I have attached a powerpoint that was used in class for notes.  Students are currently working on a lab: Determining Seasons using Temperatures around the World. The students have been given a packet for the lab in addition to a checklist and a rubric that I will use to grade this activity. This lab will be a 70% grade which is due: Monday Septermber 17th. The test for Seasons and Moon Phases will be on Wednesday 9/19. 


 Why does Earth have Different Season’s.pptx 



Unit 1: Solar System & Universe



Friday August 31, 2018


The unit 1 test: Universe and Solar System will be given Wednesday September 5th. I have attached a copy  of the answer key for the study guide. Students should use the study guide and their notebook to prepare for the test.


 Unit 1 Test Study Guide Key.pdf 




Wednesday August 29, 2018


Our first test will be on Wednesday September 5th.  The test will cover everthing that was taught for Unit 1: Solar System and Universe. I have provided students a study guide that they should complete for homework. I have also attached a copy of the study guide in case students need an extra copy.

 Universe and Solar System Study Guide.docx 



Tuesday August 28, 2018


Students created a postcard from another planet today. This project is a 70% TEST GRADE! Students who did not finish the post card in class today need to complete it for homework tonight. I gave students a checklist in class that they should be using as a guideline. If you have any questions, please email me.




Thursday August 23, 2018


We have spent the last two days learning about the terrestrial planets and the gas giants. Students should study their notes about the planets for homework.  


 Inner and Outer Planets Key.docx 




Monday August 20, 2018


Students learned about the three types of galaxies today. I have provided a link to the graphic organizer  that we did in class today. Students should review these notes to study.


 galaxy types organizer key.docx 



Tuesday August 14, 2018


Today we learned about the Big Bang Theory. I have attached a link to a graphic organizer that students can use to study for the quiz this Thursday.


 bigbang graphic organizer.jpg 



Monday August 13, 2018


Today we went over the geocentric and heliocentric theories. Students should be able to explain the difference between the two theories.  I have provided a graphic organizer that will help  students study these concepts. 


 Geocentric and Heliocentric Graphic Organizer-Answer Key.docx 


Homework: Study for the quiz on Thursday 8/16!!