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Welcome to Coach Scogin's Health class. If you would like to contact me for any reason please use my e-mail: 




*Students are asked to complete a brief journal entry upon entering class each day. The journal is checked on Fridays. 

*Monday - The students are assigned vocabulary words to complete and a brief lecture to discuss teh content of the material we are covering fduring teh week. 

*Tuesday - Thursday - Class lecture, group work and class discussions based on the content of the material covered during the week.

*Friday - Test reviewing the content discussed during the week. Time will be given after the test to begin vocabulary for the bnext week or turn in work for the past week. 


**All assignments given during the week can be turned in until Friday for full credit. After Friday of the week assigned the studetns grades are subject to be deducted to half credit.**


**Ex.) Work assigned on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday can be turned in up to Friday for full credit.**


Due to the bad weather students are allowed through the end of the week to turn in work for Chapters 3 and 4. 


Work from Chapters 3 and 4: 

Chapter 3 adn 4 vocabulary (the student had to write a sentence usign the vocabualry work for chapter 4) 

Chapter 3 review in the book.

Chapter 4 review in teh book (this is graded upon completion) 

Journals for the week.


9/5 - 9/8 - During this week we will be covering Chapters 5 and 6. These chapters deal with mental and emotional health. 

                Students will be assigned the Chapters 5 and 6 vocabulary, chapter review guides (book or worksheet) and a test on Friday.