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Diving a wreck in Bonaire

                                                                            (Scuba diving on a ship wreck in Bonaire) 


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Norman Rockwell Four Freedoms Project Guidelines


Presentations on Monday, April 30th!

Acrylic Painting & Color Theory Videos shown in class:

Artist's Color Wheel:

Shade, Tone & Tint:

Color Temperature:


Grid Drawing reference video:


Watercolor Technique video shown in class



All journal prompts should fill the page, have details, background, & color/shading

Minimum number of total completed journal prompts (including the ones from the first sketchbook check) for this journal check:

6th grade = 9 (1 each week)

7th grade = 12 (about 1.5 each week)

8th grade = 18 (2 per week)


Journal prompt options for the second journal prompt check:

Imagine your inner critic as a monster.  Draw yourself vanquishing it

Create a drawing about the last time you traveled

Live in the moment.  Draw whatever is on your mind.

Write down 5 of your core beliefs, choose 1 and illustrate it

List characteristics of a person who is inspirational to you, let those characteristics inspire your journal drawing

Write a compliment to yourself about something you have accomplished recently, draw a page based on that compliment.

Draw a chicken skydiving

Draw a Poptart at a disco dance party

Draw a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on vacation

Worm's Eye View - draw your choice of subject matter from a worm's point of view - from below looking up at the subject.

Control Freak - draw a video game controller in action.

Animal Portrait - draw a realistic picture of your favorite animal and its environment

Illustrate your favorite moment from the past week

Think about something in your everyday life that you take for granted, and devote your art journal page to it.

Journal (draw) about things that make you laugh out loud.


Journal prompt options from the first journal check in case you haven't been working dilligently during daily journal prompt time and have some catching up to do:

Person with fruit for hair

Flamingo doing ballet

Shoe with something other than a foot inside

Fish swimming in something other than water

Yourself with super power

Cat playing sports

Llama surfing

Combine two animals to create a new one

Alien driving a car

Your name as an animal

Reinvent your favorite team’s logo

Moon fighting the sun over a sandwich


Remember to keep all worksheets & artwork in your portfolio folder until the end of the semester!  Prizes given for those who stay organized and keep up with all their paperwork - the more you keep, the more you may win!  ;)


Sketchbooks needed as soon as possible!  

Purchase or Create using copy paper stapled or put into 3-ring binder/folder

  • Must be at least 8.5x11" (if you want to use a smaller one, you will need to complete 2 pages for each sketchbook assignments given)
  • Must have blank, unlined pages
  • May be purchased anywhere art supplies are sold (Walmart, Target, Michaels, etc.) 
  • If not purchased, may use copy paper in a folder or small binder or staple some together and create a cover page


 Color Theory Resources:


 Color schemes shown on color wheel


Color schemes/harmonies shown in art



Underwater pumpkin carving

                                                       (Underwater Pumpkin Carving event at Dive GA Quarry)