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6th Grade Reading


 If "the open road" is the way to take in journeying through life, surely the same applies to reading. Let it be an adventure! Let it happen!              Henry Miller


 We are in the last part of a unit on the deep study of fictional characters. Students are learning skills that promote seeing characters complexly and then applying those skills to their independent reading. 


 Students are reading their choice of Jerry Spinelli novels for bookclubs. Students are reading in small literary circle groups. Students are reading a chunk of their book every 3-4 days. Students have a Bookclub Checklist which tells how far (what page number or chapter) they have to get for each chunk. Along with reading, students will jot 5-6 times and complete an assignment for that section. Students will have reading time in class, and are expected to use two nights of homework time to complete work for book club.


Students will continue to do their independent reading by reading 40 minutes per week (2 nights of 20 minutes). They do not have to jot for independent reading. They need to create one reading entry per week. Reading logs will be collected every two weeks (80 minutes). There will be an assessment at the end of bookclubs.