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8th Grade Reading


 The bookstore is one of humanity's great engines... one of the greatest instruments of civilization.              Chistopher Morley


 8th Grade is currently reading fiction and studying literary elements.Students are reading novels that they selected, as well as science fiction novels in bookclubs. Homework requirements have changed as of January, because we are now doing bookclubs. Students will continue to do their independent reading, but only 40 minutes per week (2 nights of 20 minutes). They do not have to jot for independent reading, but they do need to create one reading entry per week in their Reading Notebook. Reading logs will be collected every two weeks, need to be 80 minutes, and do not need to be signed.


For bookclubs, students are reading their choice of science fiction novels in small literary circles. Each bookclubs has set reading goals for each week. Students have a Bookclub Checklist which tells how far (what page number) they read for each week. Students need to jot 8-10 times each week. They do not need to do reading entries for bookclubs. Students have reading time in class, and are also expected to use two nights every week to read or complete questions for their bookclubs. Students have a weekly assignment to do while reading. There will be an assessment at the end of bookclubs.