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Every reader finds himself. The writer's work is merely a kind of optical instrument that makes it possible for the reader to discern what, without this book, he would perhaps never have seen in himself.

                                                                                                        Marcel Proust


 The Farmingdale Middle School Language Arts Curriculum uses Columbia University's Reading and Writing Workshop model. Students read at their "just right" levels. Students improve their reading and writing by aiming to push up to the next level. Individualized instruction is provided through small groups and individual conferences. Students use Google Classroom for both reading and writing. Assignments and instructional materials are available in Google Classroom through their Farmingdale Google logins. Students use a composition notebook for reading and a separate one for writing. They should carry their independent reading materials (their novel and reading notebook) home and back to the classroom every day. Students are expected to keep a binder in the classroom. Students have reading homework Monday through Thursday. Writing is done in the classroom, with homework only resulting when catch-up work is needed.