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Tues. Nov. 6th-Election Day-No School

Fir. Nov 9th- Christmas Project Money due

Fri. Nov. 9th-Veterans'Day Lunch

Fri. Nov. 9th-Red, White and Blue Dress out day $1

Nov.12-16-Food Drive Week-Bring 3 cans for free dress on Friday

Thurs. Nov. 15th-Progress Reports

Fri. Nov. 16th- Dollar Denim/Food bank free dress

Nov.19-23- Thanksgiving Break-No School

Thurs. Nov. 29th- Christmas Pictures

Fri. Nov. 30th- Free dress for wreaths $1




  Nov. 12th-16th"A New Life for Mei"



Nov. 14th Module 3 Lessons 4-7 Quiz

Nov. 15-16 Module 3 Lesson 8-9



DGP quizzes will be on Fridays

Math quizzes will vary to every 2-3 lessons

Test on Reading and Spelling are on DAY 5


**USE EUREKA MATH videos and homework help links on the right side for any help!!





 Wild about Learning



Welcome to Franklinton Elementary and Third Grade!


I look forward to meeting you and having a great 2018-2019 school year.



Here are some things you need to know and be aware of throughout the year:


1.  There is a behavior management plan that will be used throughout the year. There are consequences when we do not follow the plan. I strongly encourage you to discuss these with your child.


2.  Homework is a very important part of your child’s education.  It is meant to reinforce concepts learned at school during the day.  Your child has been given a planner that is to be used throughout the school year.  Each day your child will copy homework assignments.  All assignments are to be completed and at school the following day unless otherwise written in the planner.  Your child will be responsible for returning that homework to school in their purple “take home folder.”  It is important for communication purposes that you read your child’s planner daily to check for notes from me, homework assignments, their daily conduct, and simple reminders.  PLEASE SIGN YOUR CHILD’S PLANNER EACH NIGHT AFTER GOING OVER THEIR HOMEWORK AND CONDUCT WITH THEM.  Your signature lets me know that you have viewed your child’s homework, read my note, and you are aware of your child’s daily behavior.  Please also check their “take home folder” daily.  School announcements, reminders, grade reports and report cards, and other important forms will be sent home through these folders. 


3.    Test papers will also be sent home weekly in their purple “take home folder.”  Please look carefully at your child’s grades, sign and return them to school the following day.  If you have any questions about their grades or the test materials please send a note back with their papers, or call the school to schedule a conference.  I am always available to meet after school to discuss any of your concerns. 


4. You can always contact me with questions or concerns by putting a note in their planner, calling the school, or sending me an email.


                                                                Thank You,

                                                                Ms. Heather Yates


 School number: (985)839-3580                                   email address:








Behavior Chart

Green: Ready to Learn

Blue: Warning

Yellow: Letter sent home written by the student.

Orange: Management Form

Red: Office Referral

*Your child is responsible for writing down their color/grade for the day in their planners. Please sign planners daily.



Grade Scale

A  100- 93%
B   92 - 85%
C   84 - 75%
D   74 - 67%
F    66 -->%