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Welcom to Beginning Band! Below I'll answer some commonly asked questions and put a list of supplies for the class. 


"Do I need to buy my student and instrument?" Buying an instrument can be confusing and expensive. Even though the school can usually provide an instrument, we do encourage parents to purchase or rent their own. Before purchasing, please contact Ms. Welty or Mr. Blasdel for help in getting the most bang for your buck. 


"What supplies does my student need?" Supplies are specific to the instrument they are playing. All students will need "Sound Innovations Book 1" for their instrument. These can be purchased from Arkansas School Band Service or Cooper Music. (Both are in Russellville) Purcussion students are encouraged to purchase a percussion kit. Clarinets and Saxophones are encouraged to purchase their own reeds. Again, contact Ms. Welty or myself for any questions. 



Thank you!