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A few things to know:


   1. Students will have math homework almost everyday. 

         Fridays there is usually no homework (unless we need to catch up on something.

   2. We have a few classroom incentives going on right now:


         BLURT- We are learning how to not call out everytime Mrs. Mulloy asks a question, and we are learning that we should not be yelling out all the time in general. Each child gets 5 blocks with the letters B-L-U-R-T on them. Everytime they call out one block is taken away.


What they get at the end of the day:

      5 Blocks = $20 and a clip-up

      4 Blocks = $10 and a clip-up

      3 Blocks = $5

      2 Blocks = Clip down to Blue 

      1 Block = Clip down to Purple and put into an island 

      0 Blocks = Clip down to Pink and a phone call home.


BEHAVIOR CHARTS- Each child has a behavior chart in the front of their planners. Every day they will get a sticker if they end the day on green, yellow, orange, or red (double red if they clip to me, and a positive phone call home if they clip to Mrs. Milstein. Please be sure to check their planners everyday and be sure to sign them.