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Welcome to RFH Project Terrapin

 (select the image to fill out a terrapin spotting survey)


Mr. Haughwout is currently looking for students who would like to be active menbers of project terrapin. Being a member involves care, group studies, and independent research.


What is a terrapin?

   Malaclemys terrapin, or Northern Diamondback Terrapin is the only species of turtle that inhabits brackish water environments for the entirety of their lives. These turtles received their name from the diamond like pattern that covers their carapace.


About the project:

    The project is currently in the beginning stages. Currently, we are assessing the local terrapin populations to find population densities, nesting sites, and road crossings.

   The project is also working to look at certain genes of the terrapin to assess differences between population as a we to better regulate and protect the species.


You're a student who wants to get involved?

    If you are a student in the RFH community that would like to be involved come see Mr. Haughwout in 606 or Ms. Kilar in 607. We will be looking for assistance to keep data, run experiments, and monitor terrapin activity sites.