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Welcome to STEAM


Hi everyone,

I hope everyone stays well over the next two weeks! I was looking forward to all of the projects we had planned but this is not going to stop us from learning, problem-solving and having fun. Below are links to a variety of projects students can complete at home and still practice all of the skills we learn in STEAM!! If you have siblings at home feel free to include them in your group or team just like we do in class. 

Parents/guardians please feel free to email me at any time

I will be available online Monday-Friday from 9am-11am, but can be reached by email at any time. 




Student AT-HOME Plans



Students can use the below choice boards to select assignments that they choose to complete. It is like a tic-tac-toe board. Students can pick three assignments in a row or they can pick any three assignments. This board is for the next three weeks. Please still share your work with me in any way that you can. It can be through a picture of it, a video, or a few words telling me what you completed. You can share on the google classroom or by emailing me at 






Grades K-2 Choice Board:







Grades 3-6 Choice Board: 





Join My Google Classroom Directions


Join my google classroom to communicate and share any projects you are working on at home! Post any problems you may have.


  1. Go to

  2. Login using your tes username and password. Put at the end of your username (


  1. Click this button


  1. Click join class

  2. Enter your class code from below


CLASS CODE LIST: (they are all lowercase letters)


Grades K,1 & 2: s4pkqgn


Mrs. Coppolino’s Class: mtw2s6v


Mrs. Stambaugh’s Class: 62srzme


Mrs. Leonard’s Class: fk4musr


Mrs. Mahr’s Class: vjqy3vw


Mr. Cerullo’s Class: lt6liog


Mrs. Evan’s Class: qiipa4t


Mr. Hewitt’s Class: 3cuk7lr


Mrs. Ventresca’s Class: kefkejo