My goal this year is to help your child grow exponentially as a writer.


In order to grow as a writer, students must READ good writing. Doing your part by reading every night with your child will help them to achieve this goal.


You can facilitate their writing habits by encouraging them to write at home. Good writers don't just write stories - a writer writes lists, poems, notes, and even doodles to help the process along. Encourage your child to make "memory pages" of special places they've been or special events by putting objects in a Writer's Notebook such as ticket stubs, photographs, or brochures of the places and events they've experienced.


If you need more suggestions or help in facilitating the writing process for your child, you can visit this website:


Comic Strip Activity:


Personality Traits List:


Character Traits List:



Literary Essay Graphic Organizer:

We will use this each time we read a novel.