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Bienvenue! My name is Madame Celeste and I am the Articulated French Teacher at Coteau Elementary and Pesson Elementary. This is my fourth year in Iberia Parish Schools and I love it here. My goal is to instill a love of French and francophone culture in my students.


This year, I will be teaching 4th, 5th and 6th grade classes face to face at Coteau. If you are interested in learning French and are a virtual learner, please check out the links to the left. I will continue to add to the list of resources as I find them. I am at Coteau Elementary in the mornings from 8AM to 11:30 AM. Then, I drive to Pesson Elementary to teach there in the afternoons.


At Pesson Elementary. I teach the 6th grade classes every day12:30 until 1:00 PM. After that class, I rotate amongst the Kindergarten through 5th grade classes until 3:15 PM. Again, if you are a parent of a virtual learner, there are plenty of resources for learning French online. The links on the left are useful, and I hope to add a page with resources for different grade levels as the year unfolds.


There are many benefits to learning a foreign language. In Iberia Parish Schools, the emphasis is on French, since that is a heritage language of Acadiana and of the Cajun people and the Creole people who settled here. You will find many similarities between English and French. PLUS, here in Louisiana we use French names for places and there are many surnames that are derived from French. 


Here are some of the resources I will be using with my Face to Face students this year, as time allows:


Last year, I used Class Dojo: - My Coteau students received an invite to this website, as well as my Pesson 6th grade class. If I use it this year, I will be posting updates and items of interest in the Class Story. Parents are also welcome to send me a message through that website messaging system. 


Since our students will have access to ChromeBooks, I plan to give all of my 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students an account on Duolingo, which is a fun foreign language learning site: In the Duolingo program, there are levels and units of study. There is also a new program called Duolingo stories, and another website called Tinycards ( which has flashcards for learning vocabulary.


Last spring, our classes had just begun a penpal exchange via ePals with my 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students - Since France is also returning to school this year, I hope to continue this exchange with a school or two in France. Permission slips will be issued, and this is a program that is monitored by both myself and my colleagues in France. We will either collaborate on a school project, or send snail mail or e-mail correspondence. 


I will be keeping you updated through this webpage and on Class Dojo, if possible. Also, as always, feel free to send me an e-mail at Here's to a successful new year. Bonne chance!